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At Hallmark Management, we understand that navigating the intricacies of property management for affordable and rural housing requires expertise, dedication, and a robust understanding of compliance and maintenance.

We are committed to providing transparent, efficient, and strategic management services that stand the test of time. Our extensive experience spans over 300+ properties across seven states, ensuring each asset is safeguarded and positioned for growth.

Hallmark Management and Sherwood Management Company offer comprehensive property management services for Hallmark's multi-family portfolio overseeing day-to-day management, maintenance, compliance and accounting operations. With our corporate headquarters strategically located in Atlanta and serving as the operational hub, we ensure efficient management and maintenance of multi-family properties across several states including Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Kentucky. 

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Whether we’re acquiring, managing, or developing properties, we approach every project the Hallmark way — to deliver consistently, evolve constantly, and create new opportunities every day.

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We act ethically and honestly to build trust in our relationships and throughout all aspects of our business.

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We never stop looking for ways to improve, adapt, evolve, and grow. We navigate change with confidence – and we aren’t afraid to take chances.

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We aim to increase diversity, equity, and inclusion across our business, communities, and industry.

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We create opportunities for our residents, investors, and teams – and move strategically when new possibilities arise.