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Our Mission: To provide stable, safe and dependable multi-family communities through real estate investment, property management, and development activities.  Specializing in establishing enriched housing for families, elderly and other individuals who are in need of quality affordable housing opportunities.

Summary Introduction of Martin H. Petersen, William A. Glisson, The Hallmark Companies, Inc., Hallmark Management, Inc., Sherwood Management Company, Inc., Hallmark Development Services, LLC and Hallmark Development Partners, LLC

Martin H. Petersen has been active in the ownership and operation of apartment communities and commercial properties since 1979. Mr. Petersen’s real estate activity is conducted primarily through The Hallmark Companies, Inc. and he is the majority stockholder (94%), with William A. Glisson owning the remaining (6%).

The Hallmark Companies, Inc. (“Hallmark”) is an Atlanta based holding company that consists of several wholly owned subsidiary companies. Hallmark’s vertically integrated structure facilitates a broad range of real estate services specific to multifamily properties. Hallmark and its subsidiary companies primarily specialize in real estate services specific to acquisitions, dispositions, structured financing, development, construction management, and various other related activities specific to Hallmark and its affiliate companies. Hallmark Management, Inc. & Sherwood Management Company, Inc, also provide day-to-day property management and accounting services. Hallmark Development Services, LLC & Hallmark Development Partners, LLC are responsible for overseeing all Hallmark’s general development activities, including new construction, rehabilitation, preservation, value-add and all other related construction project management activities.

The Hallmark Companies, Inc. operates primarily from its corporate headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia and has a home corporate office staff of approximately fifty employees. Hallmark also maintains a Gainesville, Florida office with two employees. Sherwood Management Company, Inc. has an office in Chattanooga, Tennessee with a staff of four. Including on-site staff and maintenance personnel, The Hallmark Companies, Inc. employs 450 + employees’ company wide.

The current portfolio of multifamily properties totals 290 properties and consists of 13,731 units, all located in the southeastern United States. All the properties currently under ownership have a Hallmark entity as the general partner, and some have a Hallmark entity or Martin H. Petersen as the limited partner.

Hallmark Management, Inc., owned 100% by The Hallmark Companies, Inc., serves as the primary management agent for approximately 210 properties in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Tennessee. Sherwood Management Company, Inc., owned 100% by The Hallmark Companies, Inc., serves as the management agent for approximately 80 properties in Tennessee and Kentucky.

Hallmark Management, Inc. and Sherwood Management Company, Inc. currently manage approximately 290 multi-family properties, which comprise a diverse portfolio of multi-family real estate holdings including conventional/market rate multi-family housing, HUD subsidized

properties with project-based HAP contacts, USDA Rural Development 515 Farmers Home Administration (FmHA) and Low-Income Housing Tax Credit (“LIHTC”) properties. Hallmark Management, Inc. and Sherwood Management Company, Inc. do not provide 3rd party property management services and only provide their property management services for properties that are owned in part, or in full, by Martin H. Petersen or Hallmark affiliated entities.

Hallmark Development Services, LLC is 75% owned by The Hallmark Companies, Inc. and 25% by William A. Glisson. Since its formation in 2013, Hallmark Development Services, LLC has been responsible for the substantial rehabilitation and overall preservation of approximately 100 +/- properties (approximately 4,000 affordable housing units preserved) through the use of USDA Rural Development MPR, Section 515 & Section 538 Loan Funds, Section 1602 TCAP Funds, LIHTC Equity (4% & 9%), Bond Financing, and through the use of other conventional financing methods.

Hallmark Development Partners, LLC is 80% owned by Hallmark Development Services, LLC and 20% by Thompson Kurrie III. Since its formation in 2017, Hallmark Development Partners, LLC has been primarily focused on new construction opportunities, as well as preservation of existing properties located throughout the southeastern United States. Since it’s formation, Hallmark Development Partners, LLC has been awarded 7 LIHTC projects (3 new construction & 4 substantial preservation projects).

Martin H. Petersen has financed the acquisition, development and construction of properties through various lenders including Wells Fargo, Berkadia, Protective Life Insurance Company, Greystone, Bank of North Georgia, Nation Cooperative Bank, Capital One, CBRE and Iberia Bank. Most of the recent loans for the acquisition of conventional and existing LIHTC properties are either financed through Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac. Additional references from the listed lenders are available upon request.

This information was obtained from sources believed to be reliable, but no representations or warranties, expressed or implied, as to the accuracy of the information are made. You are responsible for verifying the information and bear all risk for inaccuracies. Pricing and terms are subject to change.